Dancing in “milongas de patio” and family parties, I discovered the embrace, and I took it to the milongas.
My feet always on the floor (my roots) with the beats, and my heart united to a woman…. I got “an intense love story for 3 minutes”  …
So I fell in love with my first girlfriend … … with tango seam between the two.-
The tango gave me two different things: 1st: the joy of dance ……2cond: deep melancholy coming from the lyrics.-

  Tango in my heart expresses feelings through the four feet.

In those times, I use to meet privately with grown men to listen to old records, drink red wine and cry.
Tango out of the heart goes to the eyes.
  Dagostino – Vargas moved me especially.

From 1968 to ’78, I migrated to the far south, the Patagonia desert.
Again in Buenos Aires, after some time, I returned to dance, initially in a local under the archways of “Plaza Once”, dense and milonguera atmosphere.